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OEM / ODM Straight Pull Powerway R36 700c Carbon Road Wheels

OEM / ODM Straight Pull Powerway R36 700c Carbon Road Wheels

Customized 700c Road Carbon Wheels  Clincher Tubeless / Clincher / Tubular  Powerway R36 Straight Pull Basalt Brake Surface Rim Brake OEM / ODM Factory Supplier UCI Quality Road Wheelset



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Customized 700c Road Carbon Wheels  Clincher Tubeless / Clincher / Tubular  Powerway R36 Straight Pull Basalt Brake Surface Rim Brake OEM / ODM Factory Supplier UCI Quality Road Wheelset

Product Parameter

Size :700c
Material :Toray T800 Carbon Fiber
Surface Finish :

UD/3K/3k Twill/12K/12k Twill...    Matte / Glossy

Tire Profile:Clincher Tubeless / Clincher / Tubualr


Braking System :Rim (V) Brake
Spoke Holes:

20/24Holes (Or Customized)

Hubs :Powerway R36
(Or Customized)
Hubs Colour:As Photos
O.L.DThru Axle :  Front 100mm / Rear 130mm
Spokes:Pillar 1432/Pillar 1420/CN 494/CN 424/Sapim cx ray
( Or Customized)  
Nipple Colour:Black/Siver/Red/Blue...
Nipple Position:External or Internal
Cassette Body:Shimano 9/10/11S / Camp. 10/11S
Weight Of Wheelset :Find the details as below
Max Tire Pressure:130psi
Max Cyclist Weight:150kg
Applicable Bicycle:Road Bicycle
Shipping:By Boat/Plane/Express
Warranty :2 Years
Place Of Origin :Xiamen,China
Logoes Customized:Available
Free:3 Extra Spokes(nipples),QR Skewers, Brake Pads

Weight Of Wheelset Reference(spokes with pillar 1423 or CN 474)




271 372

Novatec 291/482   (SL)Novatec 511/522Powerway  R13Powerway  R36Powerway  R39Powerway  R51DT Swiss 240EXPDT Swiss 350  

DT Swiss


Chosen ASP


30mm clincher Tubeless15401450145514501460146014651470154014351450
30mm Clincher15401450145514501460146014651470154014351450
30mm Tubular13501260126512601270127012751280135012451260
35mm clincher Tubeless15601470147514701480148014851490156014551470
35mm Clincher15601470147514701480148014851490156014551470
35mm Tubular13901300130513001310131013151320139012851300
38mm Clincher Tubeless16001510151515101520152015251530160014951510
38mm Clincher16001510151515101520152015251530160014951510
38mm Tubular14201330133513301340134013451350142013151330
40mm Clincher Tubeless16101520152515201530153015351540161015051520
40mm Clincher16101520152515201530153015351540161015051520
40mm Tubular14301340134513401350135013551360143013251340
45mm Clincher Tubeless16301540154515401550155015551560163015251540
45mm Clincher16301540154515401550155015551560163015251540
45mm Tubular14501360136513601370137013751380145013451360
50mm Clincher Tubeless16701580158515801590159015951600167015651580
50mm Clincher16701580158515801590159015951600167015651580
50mm Tubular14901400140514001410141014151420149013851400
55mm Clincher Tubeless17501660166516601670167016751680175016451660
55mm Clincher17501660166516601670167016751680175016451660
55mm Tubular15501460146514601470147014751480155014451460
60mm Clincher Tubeless18101720172517201730173017351740181017051720
60mm Clincher18101720172517201730173017351740181017051720
60mm Tubular16001510151515101520152015251530160014951510
88mm Clincher Tubeless20501960196519601970197019751980205019451960
90mm Clincher20501960196519601970197019751980205019451960
90mm Tubular18501760176517601770177017751780185017451760

Weight Of Wheelset Reference(spokes with spokes with pillar 1420 or CN 424 or sapim)



Novatec 271 372Novatec 291/482   (SL)Novatec 511/522Powerway  R13Powerway  R36Powerway  R39Powerway  R51

DT Swiss 240EXP

DT Swiss 350  

DT Swiss


Chosen ASP1586/7187

30mm clincher Tubeless14601370137513701380138013851390146013551370
30mm Clincher14601370137513701380138013851390146013551370
30mm Tubular12701180118511801190119011951200127011651180
35mm clincher Tubeless14801390139513901400140014051410148013751390
35mm Clincher14801390139513901400140014051410148013751390
35mm Tubular13101220122512201230123012351240131012051220
38mm Clincher Tubeless15201430143514301440144014451450152014151430
38mm Clincher15201430143514301440144014451450152014151430
38mm Tubular13401250125512501260126012651270134012351250
40mm Clincher Tubeless15301440144514401450145014551460153014251440
40mm Clincher15301440144514401450145014551460153014251440
40mm Tubular13501260126512601270127012751280135012451260
45mm Clincher Tubeless15501460146514601470147014751480155014451460
45mm Clincher15501460146514601470147014751480155014451460
45mm Tubular13701280128512801290129012951300137012651280
50mm Clincher Tubeless15901500150515001510151015151520159014851500
50mm Clincher15901500150515001510151015151520159014851500
50mm Tubular14101320132513201330133013351340141013051320
55mm Clincher Tubeless16701580158515801590159015951600167015651580
55mm Clincher16701580158515801590159015951600167015651580
55mm Tubular14701380138513801390139013951400147013651380
60mm Clincher Tubeless17301640164516401650165016551660173016251640
60mm Clincher17301640164516401650165016551660173016251640
60mm Tubular15201430143514301440144014451450152014151430
88mm Clincher Tubeless19701880188518801890189018951900197018651880
90mm Clincher19701880188518801890189018951900197018651880
90mm Tubular17701680168516801690169016951700177016651680

Factory Information / OEM & ODM

Xiamen Go Zone Compsoite Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in development, manufacturing, and selling of carbon bike parts. With more than 15 years experience, our products are famous for good quality and service.  

Our carbon materials are Toray T700 and T800 which are imported from Japan. In pursuit of more perfect quality, our products all with high temperature resistant materials can make the brake surface good performance. Our products range from carbon road rims, carbon road disc rims, carbon dimple rims, carbon alloy rims, carbon ultra light road rims, carbon mtb rims, carbon ultra light mtb rims, carbon fat bike rims, carbon road wheels, carbon road disc wheels, carbon dimple wheels, carbon alloy wheels, carbon ultra light road wheels, carbon mtb wheels, carbon ultra light mtb wheels, carbon fat bike wheels, carbon frames, Carbon Folding Bike Wheels,Carbon 12inch Children's Bike Parts,Cycling Jersey,  etc.

Our products have passed UC I (UNION CYCLISTE INTERNATIONALE) and SGS(ISO 4210:2015) standard test . We do domestic and international orders, retail and wholesale businesses. Our products are well sold to USA, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Africa..., and we have provided OEM & ODM services for many famous brands in the world. We warmly welcome all the clients to come to our factory for visit and business. Our company's principle is: Quality First, Client Focus, Unique Design, Elaborate Work, Win-win Cooperation.

Surface Difference


Clincher & Tubular & Tubeless / External nipple & Internal nipple

700c 25mm Width Rim Sizes For Reference Or OEM Mould

Some Of The Road Hubs: make the wheels with the below hubs or as you request

Spokes & Nipples: make the wheels with the below spokes & nippless or as you request

Certification:SGS(ISO 4210:2015) & UCI Approved


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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